The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Favorite Vintage Finds/ Look What I Got

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you all are doing wonderful. I been doing some ebay shopping lately and just look at what I found,Besame Lipstick by Gabriela Hernandez. What an Enchanting Lipstick; it is a classic Merlot color, semi-matte finish, which feels so good on my lips, and it goes on so smooth. What a beautiful lipstick, I'm now addicted to it.

The color is so rich, it gives me that vintage look I was looking for. I am so ready to look at Besame Cosmetic collection. I feel this lipstick can be worn as  everyday wear. As you can see, I wear it while doing household chores, and it's perfect.

Here is a pic of the Besame lipstick sampler.  Which gives you the chance to look for the best lipstick shade for your complexion.

I certainly enjoy wearing lipstick on a daily basis, even if just for doing housework.

 Wearing: Vintage Stripped Blouse
                Classic Dickies Blue Jeans
                American Living Belt
                Cole Haan Sandals



  1. What a beautiful shade for a lipstick! And don't you just look darling in your casual vintage outfit? Wonderful, Jacqueline! :)

    P.S. Your daughter and her blog and absolutely incredible. She's such a gem.

  2. Dear Jaqueline,
    You look wonderful..vintage does become you. I so love the lipstick case!! Just like the old days.
    Hoping you're having a most blissful week! xo!

  3. Gorgeous color!

    I just got some perfumes which I love - all vintage scents from Guerlain(1920's-50's). I buy little vials of it from The Perfumed Court for a small price. Some of them are so hard to find and pricey. I need to use them, but I'm hoarding, and just taking whiffs from the vials. lol. They don't make them like they used to - the older scents are complex, sophisticated, and ladylike. I'll have to blog about this. :)

  4. Lovelies,
    thanks so such for your gracious comments.
    @ Alexandra, I would love to read more about vintage scents. I look forward to your blog post on vintage scents.

  5. You look great! I LOVE the lipstick. :)