The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh Boy!

 My first born son Erasmo came to visit on Halloween and I was so happy y'all.
(Oh My! no makeup and bad hair day I'm  having, but I couldn't leave out this photo.) Teehee!
 Where has time gone...It seems to me like it was yesterday he was just a babyJust months old in the pic below.

 What a cutie! 
 He was always making funny faces.
 And very proud to be a Mercedes Tiger.

As a teenager

 All grown up now ( my LOVE is now 20 yrs. old )

I'm sooo proud of him.

Our children are just not our children.
They happen to be the Lord's.
They are his first before they are ours.
The Lord loves them much more than we do.
His plans for them are surely better than ours.
The best way we can raise them up is to see it first that they know and love God, who is their true father.
If they are in God's hands, What have we to fear?

I love my first born son Erasmo,  daughter Bridgette and her baby girl, my grandbaby Kay Kay,  daughter Davina, and  youngest son Joseph with all my heart.  Ozuna Garcia forever in my heart.