The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happiness, Romance, Peace, Love, Harmony, and Ethnic Jewelry

 February is the month of LOVE for me, the Mexican La Rosa card from La Loteria Mexican game inspires me to have some fashion fun during this month and look forward to Spring. I want to win the loteria  game,  I want  to win the grand prize of happiness, romance, peace, love and harmony. Who knows... maybe I'll get lucky and hit the jack-pot one day, but for now I'll show you all what jewels are trendy in my personal vintage style.   Here are some earrings I just acquired, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the  Dead) dangling earrings. I like very bold colors in one look, bright red, onyx black, bright blues and greens for an artistic look.
 and here is the Gurubachi necklace I also purchased this month...the vibrant colors of these accessories complete any Mexican outfit to look precious.
 The earrings are handcrafted with black jade gemstone, glass chilli peppers, ox bone skulls, and the famous Frida Kahlo hands. I had never owned a pair of earrings like these, they certainly do make me feel very exotic and romantic at the same time.
 The Gurubachi necklace also handcrafted in sterling-silver and genuine stones. Gurubachi expresses through her designs a peaceful soul and radiant beauty. When wearing this necklace I feel I am a  woman and mother who is artistic, passionate, empowered, loved, caring...everything I always want to be.
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Day of the Dead Earrings- Ebay

Gurubachi Necklace- TJ Maxx

Mexican Tunic- Alamo Flea Market

 Eyelet Skirt JcPenny- St. Johns Bay from years ago

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  1. But how wonderful the blouse, and earrings with hands, make me think of those that Picasso donated to Frida.
    I love your look.

  2. fantastic blog for jewellery