The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Thursday, February 2, 2012



     Jewelry accessories gives any daily outfit a little something extra. It compliments, transforms, and beautify the person. It's no big secret I like jewelry, I always have; from gold, sterling silver, precious stones, gems, pearls, to costume jewelry. 

For me, jewelry is all about your personality. Every piece has a bit of history or a story to tell. Over the years, I have collected  jewelry pieces that have meaning to me, and bring out my artistic expression. It could be a piece  from years ago; a diamond ring, gold necklace, sterling silver cuff bracelet, or something I recently purchased. Its when I wear it that  the transformation in me begins. I can dress it up, dress it down, or just wear it for fun. One thing for sure is it speaks out, " This is me," bringing out my personality. For instance, the jewelry above were gifts from two of the most amazing women I've ever met  ( In Blog Land, Cat-The Vintage Housewife and  In Life, Cindy Garcia) in my opinion, these two women are amazing. They both know how dress very well, they each have their own personality, and are beautiful. 

So this year I plan to choose my wardrobe clothing as in dresses, skirts, trousers etc..., jewelry, shoes, handbags, and intimates very carefully. Bringing out the very best in me. I am doing what I once thought was unthinkable; dressing in vintage clothing. And why? because I LOVE VINTAGE FASHION!

Mexican Shawl
Freddies of Pinewood Jeans
Blouse Buffalo Exchange Austin, Texas from last year trip
Sterling Silver Beaded Necklace and Earring Set- A Christmas (2009) gift from Cindy Garcia
Brown Vintage Beaded Necklace- A Give Away Prize I Won! from Cat- The Vintage Housewife
Religious Crucifix- Purchased at San Juan Shrine in San Juan, Texas.

Have a Wonderful Day!
Jacqueline- The Darling Homemaker



  1. Great Post! I love your idea!

  2. Carla, thanks for stopping by...I think its a great one too.

  3. Trina, Thanks for such a gracious comment.