The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Monday, January 14, 2013

Shoes and Booties Vintage Style

Hi y'all!

I was looking on-line for shoes and booties I would like to add to my 2013 wish list, and I came across what I must say the most captivating shoes and booties for me. If you love shoes and booties like I do then take a look.
 When In Dot Heel- Miss L Fire
Mod Cloth

 Make Every Rivet Count Heel- Miss L Fire
Mod Cloth

 Moscow By Morning Heel- Miss L Fire
Mod Cloth

 Township- Re-Mix Vintage

 Skagen- Sofft

 Candence- Sofft

 I believe shoes and booties make a big statement when wearing any outfit of your choice.  Whether they are bold in colors or perfect neutrals.  For me,  footwear puts an accent of being feminine, sexy, flirtatious, and very lady like.

So, there you have it a few of the shoes and booties I was looking at today.
Have a great day!

Jacqueline~ The Darling Homemaker


  1. Hello,
    I like the first one...the Dot! :)
    Very fun!

  2. Yes! they look to me like doll shoes. Just a whole lot of fun...

  3. Love all of these! Especially the dot heels.