The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Friday, May 31, 2013

In my kitchen

This is what was happening in my kitchen this morning, baking! and a couple of pics of what I look at every time I do dishes.  (  Did you all notice my mug being used as a flower vase? I currently don't own a flower vase so when Mr. Garcia surprises me with flowers, like he did yesterday, I end up putting them in a large mug which I really dislike doing, but I promise pretty soon I'll buy  a beautiful vintage vase to display my fresh flowers.)



  1. Jacqueline, I adore every last element of your cute, nautical influenced outfit here. That striped skirt is perfection! I wish you lived nearby, there's an old docked classic paddlewheeler boat here in my town that would make for such a great backdrop for a skirt like that (don't get me wrong, it works equally well pictured here in your lovely kitchen, too - I just always think of that boat when I see nautical garb).

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I love Watkins products, too!

  2. Jessica,
    I also wish I lived nearby. I bet that classic paddle wheeler boat would be perfect for a backdrop (sigh)... Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a nice comment...