The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Friday, September 13, 2013

Vintage Style Is Unforgettable

Dress: The Antique Emporium
Purse: Betsey Johnson
Earrings: George 
Shoes: Etienne Aigner

Whatever vintage style you like make it your own.  When it comes to style preference the rules are really up to you.  There are of course the fundamentals of every fashion era, but you can conjure your unique creation.  Toss out the window whatever others may think, I bring this up because I'm often approached by others only to be asked if I am part of a play performance or if I work with the school district in the drama department.  I politely answer, I am not part of a play performance nor am I a teacher.  The truth is, as you all know by now, I love old fashioned clothing.  I don't really see myself out of place when I dress, but obviously to others I do look different.  At times it does make me feel a little uncomfortable especially when people stare, but growing up I've always faced this issue so I'm okay with it for the most part, I just don't pay attention.  In spite of all that, I don't loose focus on what I like, especially clothing.  I believe we are all our own kind of beautiful, and every woman is gorgeous in her own way.  With that said, let's all be glamorous this fall and winter season, it's our time to glow.  Let's be unforgettable by letting the beauty that is within each and everyone of us be radiant.


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