The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The vexed old question...

Do Women Dress to Please Men?  For the longest time I've been wondering if women other than myself have experienced arguing with their better half on the issue of how to dress, how to apply makeup, which color of nail polish to choose, and how to style the hair.  I recently came across an old article discussion from early 1930s magazine which address this old question, if men are bothered by how women dress, how women adorn themselves, and what men really think.

The article states when men meet women a certain way they expect the women to remain looking the same.  But once women begin to change their appearance to make themselves more attractive men do not approve.  Now, the article does mention women should not neglect their looks, it is strictly an inquiry into the cause of the way women dress.  The article makes a clear statement, men do not like when women indulge themselves in the habit of looking attractive in fashionable clothing or how they fix up themselves.  A survey done during this time also points men are revolted by feminine fashion and make fun of how women dress.  I wonder if this holds true of men today?  In the end I found women do not dress for men, women dress for themselves giving men the excuse of dressing the way they do simply because fashion is created by men for women to wear.  Whether dressing for one's self is good or bad I've yet to find out, but one thing is for sure, if you are single, be sure to  associate with those individuals who have similar likes and dislikes on fashion to avoid future arguments on how to dress. Moreover, if you have a significant other and based on my experience it is important he is not biased.  Make sure he understands who you are, and how you like to dress.

 (Reference Good Housekeeping)



  1. the other question is... do women dress for other women...competition and jealousy!!