The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving To All!

 I send Thanksgiving best wishes from my vintage kitchen to yours!
 (Paulette Goddar)
It is time to give thanks for all we have been blessed with our families, friends, good health, harmony, peace, love, and most importantly the ability to be able to praise our Lord.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned I am a vegan, yes it's true, I am, but that does not stop me from cooking regular meals for my family.  The aroma of the food while it's cooking brings my family into the kitchen to chat around the kitchen making memories I will never forget.  Children no matter what the age certainly light up a home with cheer and happiness.  I was planning on baking some special dishes, but unfortunate events will not allow me to proceed with my baking plans, darn!

Well, I won't be baking this Thanksgiving due to my oven pilot braking, and I have not order the part yet to repair it.  I did however come up with another solution for making the turkey, and as far as the pies, well, I had to purchase those at the bakery, and I won't be making dinner rolls, instead, I will be toasting bread.

Here is the smoker.  I purchased a bullet smoker from Bass Pro Shop to smoke the turkey.  It is not an electric smoker I will have to use charcoal, wood chips, and water while the turkey is cooking. I think my family is going to enjoy sitting around the smoker talking and laughing while the turkey being smoked.

So there you have it, even if things don't quite turn out the way you planned it's okay because what matters is unity so that when we all come together we give thanks for family, friends, and our love for God giving thanks with hearts that is filled with joy and gladness.

The Darling Homemaker


  1. What a crisis to have a broken stove on Thanksgiving! I hope your turkey turned out good. That was a very inventive idea. And yes, the important thing is family is happy healthy and can gather to together. Have a good week!

  2. Thanks Heide for your sweet comment and for stopping by. You have made my day, once again, thanks!