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The Darling Homemaker

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lingerie...What's the Big Deal?

For years lingerie has played a very important part of women's wardrobe whether used for erotic purposes or everyday normal wear.  Today, there are many types of undergarments being constructed of Lycra, nylon, satin, lace, silk, cotton you name it...but what is the big deal about lingerie? In my opinion, mainly to make a women feel more beautiful and sensual.  In past centuries, the corset created a tiny waist giving the women the shape of an hourglass for appealing purposes, and to restrict them for bending.  I guess keeping a straight posture was demanded at the time or it may have been the style.  What ever the case, it came to pass, and so in the beginning of the 1920s women where liberated from the corset, and did not have to be restricted anymore.  Lingerie became relaxed, but never losing the special attention to the details.

 (Image: March 1895 issue of The Delineator Magazine)

(Image: Sears Catalog)

In the decades that followed the 30s and 40s lingerie continued to be stylish and attractive.  The robe's where adorn with feathers, embroidered flowers, and  constructed with the idea of it being luxurious for the wearer.  Bloomers, top vests, nightgowns, and pajamas were constructed of cotton, silk, and rayon to name a few.  By 1939 and the beginning of the 1940s  the girdle or bra girdle offered women a beautiful women to create an attractive figure without the need of a corset.

 (Image: Found on Pinterest)

(Image: Sears Catalog)

(Image: 1943 Sears Catalog)

(Image: 1948 Sears Catalog)

During the 50s the girdles continued to thrive and the bullet bras became the sensation of the time.  The cone shape spiral stitch could add a cup size to their original size and women were practically happy with that.

 ( Image: 1957 Sears Catalog)

These days there are varieties of lingerie to choose from.  I prefer to stick with the older decade styles. The old reproduction ,of course.  It has been my own experience when buying reproduction pieces from sites such as What Katie Did, Rago Shapewear, and Pretty Polly to name a few are the best to buy from.

 ( Image: What Katie

( Image:

They are brand new and very well constructed. Although, buying vintage items is a whole lot of fun they are simply old items; even if they still have the tags on them, from experience, they will come apart and won't last as long as the reproduction pieces.  Therefore, when it comes to lingerie it's important to invest in  good sturdy condition undergarments.  Here are some images of my favorite styles, originals and reproductions:

 (Original 1960s nightgown found on Ebay)
 (From my personal collection 1950s House Coat)
 (B.tempt'd Bras by Wacoal at Dilllard's)

 (Cotillion Briefs Dillard's)
 (What Katie Did Retro Seamed Tights)

  (What Katie Did Retro Seamed Stockings)

 (From my personal collection Chinese robe late 1930s style.  Please excuse the wrinkles I have not worn it in a very long time.)

 (From my personal collection 1960s Gotham bed jacket and waiting for the gown from Etsy)
 (From my personal collection 1940s night gown made in USA)

(From my personal collection 1960s house coat worn as a dress)

I only posted a few items from my personal collection for the purpose of the post,but I do have more items I did not get to photograph and upload.  That being said, what type of lingerie styles do you prefer?

Jacqueline~The Darling Homemaker


  1. Wow takes me back.... this was when women dressed like women.... love your photo's they are fab

  2. Great photos! Love the items in your collection! I have always wanted to make a 1940's flannel robe. I even have the pattern for it! Love the summer robe too. Maybe I need one of each!