The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Sunday, March 8, 2015

I'm Moving!

Yes lovelies...

(Image GMC Trucks for 1959)

I'm on the process of moving; currently packing and putting all my things in boxes.  My baby chick Dina and sonny boy Jojo are amazing, they have sorted out what they are keeping, and donating those items they no longer want or need.  So then, I will be posting again when I get settled into my new place.

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In the mean time, I'm working on a cost-efficient lifestyle and household chores time management post which I plan to post as soon as I settle into the new place.

I send all of you lots of love,


  1. Oh how exciting! At lest I hope it is a happy move. Hope you get settled it quickly. Moving takes a lot of work, but it shakes up one's world (usually in a good way!).

  2. Oh, dear.
    This is so exciting! I'm glad.
    Do share all tips and tricks - since I'll need them.. soon. :D


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  4. All the best with this adventure of moving!!!