The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Friday, November 6, 2015

Better Late Than Never Halloween 2015

Hi Lovelies!

 (Paulette Goddard)

 (Anita Page)

I've been so busy here that I couldn't make the time to post last month's Halloween pics.  So having a bit of a spare time I said, " I guess it's time to write a brief post and post some pics of Halloween 2015, better late than never," right?  So here they are:
 My youngest daughter Dina did her own makeup as La Calavera Catrina.

 My youngest son Joseph as a zombie and his friend Madison as a gamer girl.

 My granddaughter Kay as Tinker Bell, what a cutie!

 And here is a bit of Halloween decor.  I didn't decorate much as you can see.

 This year I didn't dress up, but I made sure to order a gorgeous Ouija brooch from Wacky Tuna  here is her web address  you can click on the address and it will direct you over to her shop.  Ms. Brittany is so talented the picture does not justify the beauty of her work.  She is currently having a sale on some of her items and I can't wait to swing over and order a couple more brooches.  Brittany provides outstanding service so if you all get a chance go over and visit her etsy Wacky Tuna shop.
Brooks Brothers Dress
Ouija Brooch- Wacky Tuna Etsy
Vintage Moon Glow  Necklace
and 1930s Red Remix Shoes not shown

That's all for now.

Jacqueline~The Darling Homemaker

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