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The Darling Homemaker

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I’m hyped up about using cruelty-free household products!

For years, I'd been using household products that are tested on animals. During those years, I never thought of what I was using.  All I knew was, "if I felt the product worked well then I was going to continue using it." However, I did use some eco friendly and cruelty-free products in conjunction with animal tested products in the past.  But I really never made the switch to solely buying cruelty-free products.  Just this year, I decided to make the transition from products that are tested on animals or contain chemicals to those that are cruelty-free and/or vegan.  
 In the past, I have used Mrs. Meyer’s dish washing detergent in Basil and it really did not hit a home run with me.  I just think the scent did not appeal to me.  But the start of the year came with the passion to explore the cruelty-free and vegan cleaning products once again.
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 Target’s cleaning product aisle offers Honest, Mrs. Meyer’s, Method, ECOS, J.R. Watkins, and Seventh Generation to name a few.  All are cruelty-free and the offered brands mentioned have great scents, but the product that caught my eye the most was Mrs. Meyer’s in Lemon Verbena Scent. I just couldn't get over how uplifting and invigorating the scent is, just fabulous.

I started by purchasing Mrs. Meyer’s laundry detergent, multi-purpose surface cleaner, and bathroom cleaner all in Lemon Verbena scent, of course.

The laundry detergent works very well and leaves the clothes smelling wonderfully clean, the multi-purpose cleaner is excellent when cleaning counter tops, and the tub and tile cleaner did not work as I had expected. I had a difficult time removing soap scum and hard water  stains.  So from a scale from one to five I give  the tub and tile cleaner a three.  The other two items work wonderful, I give them a five.  All in all, I have to say the products do work well even if more manual effort needs to be put on one of the products.

This being said, rather than using products from companies which mainly focus on productivity, I've decided to stick with Mrs. Meyer’s before trying any of the other cruelty-free brand products. 
I simply love Mrs. Meyer's! I still need to buy the toilet bowl and window cleaners, dish soap, laundry booster, fabric softener, and hand washing soap to name a few.  But for now, I'll continue to enjoy the products I've purchased.
Visit your local Target to find these wonderful items and more! 

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  1. We love Mrs. Meyers! And one of our favorites is the Lemon Verbena. The dish soap makes washing dishes a delight! There is also a Mrs. Meyers scouring powder, similar to Comet, that we use on our tub and sinks. It doesn't clean quite as well as Barkeepers Friend, so I usually mix the two to get the lovely smell. There are so many options out there now. And doesn't a new and fresh smelling cleaning product make cleaning a bit more fun?