The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mexican Terracota Cooking Pot

Hello Lovelies!

I hope everyone is doing well.  Today, I will be discussing how to cook beans using a Mexican terracota pot.  But first, I'll like to share with you where the desire of cooking the beans on clay pot comes from.

Growing up, I would spend most of my time in the kitchen with my Mama.  I was inclined to helping, even if to wash dishes only.  After I would finish washing dishes or creating more work for my Mama I would closely observe how she cleaned the pinto beans, rinse them, then place them inside a Mexican clay pot.  Once that was done she would fill the pot with water add a bit of garlic, and place the pot on the stove top burner to begin the boiling process, once it was brought to boiling point she would place the lid on the pot and simmer to cook.

I will never forget the gorgeous designs of flowers and filigree on the pot my Mama used, and the delicious aroma of beans while cooking was amazing.  Oh, what beautiful memories...if only we could bring back time, right?

But Spring brings new beginnings, and what a better time to start doing something new. This Spring season, I find myself recreating the same procedure of preparing beans just as my Mama used to do.

A couple of days ago, I purchased my very first Mexican bean pot from  and I am super excited!  Several years ago, these particular pots were being sold at my local grocery store, but I never got around to buying one.  I'm so thankful for technology because I am able to order desired items online.

 Mex Grocer provides excellent packaging and shipping service.  The pot only took two days to arrive, which is pretty amazing, and I don't think I have mentioned, but this pot is my birthday gift to me.  One more thing I wanted to add is that the pot is constructed of terracotta with lead-free paint on both the pot and lid and it comes with instruction on how to cure it before using it.

The cleaning process is easy.
First, submerge the pot in a large container filled with warm water and leave it there for one hour.  Second,  after the one hour is up, remove the pot from the water container dumping all the water from inside of the pot.  Then, add two cups of warm water and place the pot on the stove top burner on low heat.  Let the slow gentle heat warm the water for 10 minutes and now it's ready for use, Yay!  That simple.

Being that the pot is constructed of clay, when the beans are fully cooked they have a distinct natural earthy flavor which is what I remember them tasting like when I was a child.
Just savoring them transports me to a different time, one that I have experienced...
I wouldn't have asked for a more perfect pot with floral decorative designs which are very attractive.

There is no better time than today to start doing all those things you want to do whether it's cooking, shopping etc...

This being said, let's get all dolled up! and celebrate life by doing those things we love.

Love~The Darling Homemaker,


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  1. You look gorgeous! I really like the combination of your super-feminine embroidered blouse with the cute jeans.

    Your new pot is so pretty. I think if I had one, I'd be too afraid to cook with it and use it for a cookie jar.