The Darling Homemaker

The Darling Homemaker

Friday, August 19, 2016

In the Process of Making a Home Sweet Home

Hello Lovelies,

It's been close to 4 months now that my family and I moved from our white house to an apartment. The move was swift, it happened the end of April leaving a month left for the end of the school year to be over. Then came summer break and traveling, so I haven't had a chance to organize the apartment to make it a home.  With a teen and pre-teen going back to school next week I'll have some time throughout the day to start putting things in order and have our little apartment feel more like home.

As you can see, things are still in boxes, scattered on the coffee table, counter top, china cabinet, and the bench.

However, I did hang some items on the walls such as mirrors, clocks, and a several wall decor items.

Here is a pic of what my area in the corner of my bedroom looks like.

As you can see, "it's a mess," but I'm looking forward to organizing everything and make the apartment a functional place to meet the needs of my family.

Planning and scheduling are essential, and getting back into a routine is a must for me.

  • Plan:  I have gathered from Pinterest plenty of ideas on how to decorate


  • Scheduling:  Mornings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The rest of the days will be devoted to cleaning, cooking, and doing other things.

  • Routine:  Get back into my daily routine to get things back in order.

I can't wait to see how the apartment is going to look after I'm done.  Well, this is all for now.

 (Image courtesy of  Google Images)

 One last, thing before I wrap up this post.  Just a few days ago I experienced subconjunctival hemorrhage in my right eye that is small vessels within the conjunctiva that break due to coughing, bending over, sneezing, vomiting, straining, and sometimes the reasons are unknown. 

I really don't know what caused it, but I will be visiting my primary doctor and ophthalmologist soon just to be on the safe side.

Jacqueline~The Darling Homemaker


  1. All the best at this new relocation.
    Sorry about your eye. Pray it heals quickly,

  2. Setting up a new home after moving is quite the project but I know you will have it neat and lovely in the end. Don't wear yourself out.

  3. Hope you and your family have finally settled in. Love your blog BTW!